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Aug, 2020

Return To Play Regional Guidelines

Please note the guidelines are subject to change as per the directives of the State of Tennessee, local health departments and US Soccer/AYSO mandates.


AYSO Region #_______ has created a detailed document of health and safety guidelines to implement at all Regional in-person youth programs. All coaches and assistant coaches will be required to abide by the following guidelines in order to prioritize and maintain the health and safety of all participants, parents and staff.


Organization responsibilities:

  • Regional Board to verify if the Region has any specific agreements with the local organization other than listed in these guidelines.
  • Display CDC posters in relevant areas before and after each day (Regions can put up posters).
  • Publish Regional protocol and have all participates/volunteers sign the AYSO COVID waiver.

    Coach responsibilities:

  • All coaches and volunteers must sign the AYSO COVID waiver prior to the season start.
  • Ensure everyone is adhering to new practices in place for the safety of all players.
  • Temperature checks will be done prior to activities beginning.
  • Wear mask at all activities and during any other interactions, unless told otherwise.
  • No high 5s or physical contact with players.
  • Coaches must always adhere to social distancing.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting equipment at the start and after completion of each practice/game.
  • Ensure no sharing of equipment (pinnies, keeper jersey, gloves, ect).

    Player responsibilities: (parent have received this information prior to start of the season)

  • All parents/guardians must sign an AYSO COVID waiver for their player and submit prior to the season start.
  • Masks are not mandatory for participants but highly recommended.
  • Temperature checks will be done prior to activities beginning.
  • Players are asked to bring hand sanitizer, but coach can distribute if needed.
  • Players must always adhere to social distancing.
  • No touching of anyone else’s soccer balls/equipment.
  • Must remain in designated “soccer locker” for any break.Soccer locker will be space with parent/guardian that is socially distant from other team members and parents.All player’s equipment must stay in this space.
  • Players will be encouraged to have their own ball and to use for drills/training.If a ball must be borrowed from Coach, it must be sanitized prior to and after use.

Parents responsibilities: (parent have received this information prior to start of the season)

  • Complete relevant paperwork and AYSO COVID waiver before season start.
  • Ensure child feels well and comfortable with attending practice or game prior to arrival.
  • Check temperature and symptoms before arrival at practice or game.
  • Keep physically distanced from other parents/families/players. Establish a “soccer locker” space for player.Keep all equipment not in use for player while they participate.
  • Send child with enough water and refreshments for your player.Do NOT send snacks for team or allow players to share snacks.
  • Ensure all trash is placed in marked containers and nothing is left in soccer locker space.
  • Injuries – parents do not go onto the playing field for an injury unless directed to enter per a coach.

Role of Regional Commissioner (RC)

Region commissioner role is to ensure that all ayso and Region’s policies, procedures and guidelines are being followed, especially this year due to COVID-19. The commissioner is in a position of authority and will lead and direct coaches and volunteers in order to provide our players healthy environment and experience throughout the season.

Before Game/Practice (Coaches)

  • Have roster and game/practice plan ready before arrival.
  • Oversee and help inflating balls, setting up designated practice area.
  • Ensure everyone ready to follow the AYSO/Region’s guidelines and protocols.
  • Ensure all equipment is being sanitized.
  • Wait in with parents until time for practice/game.Wait for the team practicing/playing on the field to exit the field before entering the space.
  • Contact Regional Commissioner with any incidents.
  • Implement social distancing (6ft apart) as much as possible.Remind parent to spread out and create a soccer locker space for their player.

During Game/Practice (coaches)

  • Will be coaching own team but if any problem a raised will need to address them and contact RC if needed.
  • No scrimmages with other team or join practice with other team.
  • Remain in designated practice area.
  • Ensure each child in own soccer locker during water break.
  • Ensure no sharing of equipment (pinnies, keeper jersey, gloves, ect).

After game/practice

  • Ensure all equipment is sanitized.
  • Contact RC with any problems or concerns.


  • Ratio/team size – these will vary due to divisions; RC will inform coaches of team size for each division.
  • Refer to physical distancing at all time (6ft apart).
  • CDC recommendations will be handed out/emailed out prior to season start.

Breaks/Halftime/Post Game End

  • Designated soccer locker is to be used at every break (practice & game).
  • Halftime or Post Game End talks – players always need to maintain social distance of at least 6ft between apart.Post-Game end coach needs to ensure players return all personal equipment to their soccer locker.Coach needs to move team away from field so next group coming in can take the field.


  • Players/coaches must not share any equipment
  • Use own water bottle. Bring enough to last entire game/practice.
  • Avoid using pinnies – if you do, only wear one per session, and coach must wash them afterwards before using again.
  • No keeper jersey switch permitted during games or practice.
  • Coach to provide enough keeper jerseys depending on his/her game plan.
  • Coach to collect keeper jerseys after each game wearing gloves and place them in plastic bag. Wash them before next game.
  • Coach & parents must wear mask during interactions and talking together.


At arrival:

  • If a child responds yes to any of the screening questions, or has a temperature above the acceptable range, ask to leave.Temperature checks will be done prior to activities beginning.
  • Complete incident report form and record symptoms keep this safe and return to RC/Safety Director.


  • Report to RC/Safety Director immediately. RC will follow next step to ensure all procedures are followed.
  • Player maybe asked to leave and not participate should they show systems, have an elevated temperature or answer yes to screening questions.

During game/practice

  • Report to the parent immediately and have parent collect child immediately
  • Have the child sit in soccer locker until parent arrives.
  • Complete incident report form and record symptoms, keep this safe and return to RC/Safety Director
  • Report to RC/Safety Director immediately. RC will follow next step to ensure all procedures are followed.

*Symptoms of COVID-19 to look out for*

Fever-Cough-Shortness of Breath

If a Coach Tested Positive for COVID:

  • Must stay quarantine for at least 10 days, away from the team.
  • Must inform RC immediately and verify if the coach has been around the team 5 days prior to testing positive.
  • Assistant Coach will take over coaching the team.
  • Coach must have negative test before return to coaching.
  • If a Coach and Assistant Coach both test positive, team parent will take over the team until Coach and Assistant Coach can return.

If RC tested positive:

  • Assistant RC or Coach Administrator will takeover Regional duties while keeping close contact via email/phone regarding day to day Region’s activities.

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